100% Beeswax Venus of Willendorf Candle

100% Beeswax Venus of Willendorf Candle


Each candle can take 1-2 weeks to dispatch as each is handmade to order (for Mabon we are making them flat out so they will arrive in time).


The Venus of Willendorf is a very old goddess figure, originally found in the 1900's, the original statue was small and dated back to 30000BC, she is believed to have been an abundance and fertility goddess and so was a perfect addition to our Mabon collection.


Each candle is handmade by us from pure beeswax and a cotton wick.


Beeswax is the perfect candle making wax, as it is completely natural and all candle remains can be buried once the candle is burned. They're also suitable for most people with paraffin and soy wax irriration as they remove impurities from the air, rather than putting more into it.


Please note that the burn time for each candle varies hugely and is very dependant on your room temperature and ventilation.

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