Frequently Asked Questions

Do you ship Internationally?

We do ship to Europe, but not outside due to shipping fees and restrictions. In the future we are hoping to sell candles outside of Europe, but not currently. International shipping is based on weight and we cannot ship more than 2kg internationally. If you are after a large size or quantitiy of items, please make two orders.

Do you have a Physical Store?

At the moment, we don't have a physical location. However, we do attend regular markets within the Midlands where you can come for a chat and have a look at anything in particular you are interested in. Follow us on Facebook for up to date notifications for which markets we will be attending.

How long will it take to Process my Order?

Generally on all pre-made items we stock we will process and ship your order within 3 working days. Although processing times vary based on the time of day (or night) you place your order and whether it goes over weekdays or weekends. On our beeswax candles and custom spells, they are made to order and can take 1-2 weeks to process. We will always try to process and ship your order as quickly as possible, whilst still maintaining our high standards.

Refunds and Returns?

We offer refunds if an item has been damaged in the post, if the item has not arrived to you within 20 days UK, (international orders up to 40 days) or if you have received the wrong item. We need you to contact us within 14 days of receiving a broken or incorrect item and we often ask for images of the item so we can see what went wrong. We may ask for the item to be returned to us and will either offer an exchange for a replacement item or a refund for the item depending on what we have available.

Do you do Custom Orders?

Of course, we offer custom orders via our Etsy store: We offer custom orders on: - Collections - Kits - Altar KIts - Ritual Sets - Spell Kits - Mojo Kits - Anointing Oils - Sprays - Loose Incense - Leather Grimoires - Crystal Collections If you are interested, send us a message and we will see what we can do, but not all of our custom items can be shipped internationally.

Are Custom Orders More Expensive?

Yes and No. Our beeswax candles are custom to order, but are the same price custom as they are normally. However some items are more expensive as a custom order. The price of a custom order depends on the size and the items that are included, we will generally give an expected price prior to agreeing to the order. For items that are completely unique or those that we require to order in new items to create the piece, such as some loose incense blends, large kits and altar pieces we may have to charge slightly more than those found in bulk on our store. You will always be aware of the price before we begin a project so it is up to you whether you want to agree to continue with creation. Depending on the size of the order and its value you may be required to pay a deposit in advance (for beeswax candle orders full payment is taken in advance).

Do you have any Reviews?

On the website itself we don't have a review section, although we do have lots of reviews on our Etsy store: and on freeindex:

Subscription Box or Mystery Box?

We have had both a subscription box and a mystery box. Our subscription box was a monthly subscription, payments were taken automatically each month, you had to be over 18 to subscribe, all the items were handmade and you were tied into a subscription even if you didn't like all of the monthly themes. The Mystery Boxes are slightly different, you can get more items in each box per month as not all items will be handmade, you can purchase it even if you are under 18 as long as you have your parents permission. You aren't tied into a subscription, so you can pick and choose which box themes you are interested in and you can now purchase just one box without the need for a subscription. We do have some subscribers left for out witchcraft subscription box, but we are no longer taking new subscribers (as of January 2018) and are working on only having the mystery box in the future.

Mystery Box Pricing

The pricing for mystery boxes depends on whether they are still a mystery. For the month they are released the contents are kept a suprise (just like our subscription box) and the price is the same at £17.00 regardless of which box it is. After the month, when the next box is released, the photos and contents of the box will be released and the box price will increase to closer to the retail value of the contents and will depend on the contents of each box.

What to expect in a mystery Box?

Each box contents will surround the theme for the month. Inside will be 4-6 witchy items including a crystal that represents meaning for either the theme or the month. Examples of box contents includes: - Altar Kits - Spell Kits - Ritual Tools - Crystals - Herbal Items - Jewellery and so much more. To view previous boxes please view our mystery box page, instagram or other social media.

Mystery Box Returns and Refunds

Mystery Boxes work just like subscription boxes, you accept upon purchase that you do not know the contents of the box and a dislike of box contents is not suitable reason for a refund or return. Refunds or returns are accepted on damaged items, those that have been broken or damaged in the post, or items that are non-functional due to manufactoring errors. For refunds or returns due to damage, non-function or breakage, please contact us within 14 days of arrival with photos of the damaged items. We can then either send out a replacement item or refund you the full or partial cost of the box dependant on the number of damaged items.

How many Mystery Boxes are Available?

Each month there are a small number of mystery boxes available, usually around 30-45 depending on the box each month. Boxes tend to sell out, so if there is a theme you enjoy, once they're sold out, I won't re-stock boxes.

Why is 2kg international shipping so expensive?

Unfortunately, we are unable to ship anything over 2kg internationally (royal mail rule), but our website won't let us remove the 2kg and above option. If you would like a large number of items, please split them into two orders and they will be split into two parcels.

How are Orders Packed?

Depending on the size of the order, it may come packaged in a few ways. For single crystals and single oils your package may come in a padded bag. For anything larger, orders are posted in a cardboard box, with tissue paper and biodegradable starch filler so it's environmentally friendly.

Why Mystery Boxes are Ordered Separately?

Mystery boxes have individual shipping because they are a self contained order. Each mystery box are made up in their own packaging that suits the contents of that months box. We are unable to add additional items into the mystery box and so additional items need to be purchased in a separate order.

Spellwork Disclaimer

All spells are variable, workings are dependant on many factors and their success is dependant. Because of this, although all workings are done by a practicing witch, it is important to note that all spells require munane effort and their manifestation time varies working to working we have to place a discaimer on spelled items so all customers know that the results of a working are dependant on each individual and the manifestation of the working varies.

Where do you Ship to?

Currently we ship to the UK as well as several EU countries, including: - Belgum - Bulgaria - Denmark - Finland - France - Germany - Italy - Malta - Netherlands - Spain - Sweden

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