White Mojo/Gris Gris Bag - Handsewn

White Mojo/Gris Gris Bag - Handsewn

Mojo bags, also known as spell bags or Gris Gris bags are ideal for using as a container for your long-term magickal pouch workings, but also for extending the longevity of other workings by creating mojo bags with their remains. Each Mojo Bag is handmade in store for your magickal use.

Bags are used in almost all forms of magickal workings, whether in the form of medicine bags, gris-gris bags, herb bags and more across different cultures.

These mojo bags are all hand-made in several colours to allow you to use colour correspondence to suit your desired intention, each has a hand sewn edge and wooden button to allow for an easy close but secure bag for your magickal tools and ingredients.

Our White mojo bags/gris-gris bags are multipurpose and can be used for any working you desire, but are particularly good for workings of: purification, blessing and protection.

Please note each mojo bag is unique, the thread colour may vary and the size can fluctuate slightly bag from bag, please see the photo for a size scale against a hand.
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