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Our poppets, also known as fith-faths or doll babies are all handmade in store for your magickal use.

Dolls have been used in magickal workings for hundreds of years across almost all magickal traditions. Often used to represent a person whether yourself or another person they can be used in almost all intentions. The belief for many being that energy added onto a doll in the representation of a person may manifest physically within their life.

All our dolls are handmade with a zip in the back, allowing you to stuff the doll as you see fit, and when the working is done, you can remove the items and stuffing, cleanse or handwash the doll and re-use the body for another poppet as needed.


We offer a range of colours. Below is a general colour correspondence list that may help you decide what you need:

❤️Red: Power, Lust, Passion, Romance.

🧡Orange: Confidence, Creativity, Road Opening.

💛Natural: All-Purpose, Intelligence, Prosperity, Memory, Study.

💚Green: Luck, Fertility, Prosperity.

💙Blue: Wisdom, Communication, Knowledge, Health, Reconciliation.

💜Purple: Divination, Magick, Domination, Power.

💗Pink: Fertility, Platonic Love, Friendship.

🖤Black: Protection, Banishing, Binding, Cleansing.

White: All-purpose, Cleansing, Purification.

Please note each doll baby is unique and the thread colour may vary between dolls.


Disclaimer: By law, we are required to mark these items as for entertainment purposes only. We cannot guarantee magickal results.
No item would be used to replace medical treatment or professional advice.

White Poppet - Handsewn

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