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Our cleansing spray is handmade with essential oils to assist in cleansing yourself, your space, tools or crystals in a quick and easy way. Each spray is a 50ml glass bottle with a spray cap. 


Our Springtime Cleanse Spray is more floral than our original blend, ideal for brightening the energy of a space while cleansing away negativity.


Cleansing is a powerful practice for removing minor spirits, unwanted and excess energies. Often done every month, some practitioners also cleanse before spellwork and rituals to avoid interfering energies. There are many techniques for cleansing: including, smoke, sound, water and salt, but not everyone has access to complex item filled cleansing methods; so we created our cleansing spray.

To use:
🌿 On crystals = Shake well before use and spritz gently over the crystals allow to dry down before wiping clean, removing excess residue and negative energies (Please ensure crystals are non-dissolvable).

🌿 In Spaces = Shake well before use and spritz around a room starting from the innermost area, working outwards. Allow the air to settle before re-entering the room, you may want to vacuum afterwards and open windows to remove the negative energies along with any residue, or allow it to work overtime by not vacuuming.


🌿For Yourself = Shake well and spritz around yourself from the top to bottom around 30cm away.

Avoid spraying closely onto paper (cards) or fabrics, instead, mist the air and pass them through the mist to avoid staining and bleeding of inks.

Disclaimer: By law, we are required to mark these items as for entertainment purposes only.

We cannot guarantee magickal results.

No item would be used to replace medical treatment or professional advice.

Not for consumption, do not spray into eyes or open wounds.


If irritation occurs, stop use.


Keep out of direct sunlight, best used within 6-12 months.

Springtime Cleanse Spray - 50ml

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