Romance Mojo Bag Kit

Love is such a wonderful thing, but not everyone can find someone to settle down with, sometimes it can be harder than we think to find someone special.

These romance mojo kits are for those who sometimes struggle to find the perfect partner, not necessarily to dream partner, but the perfect partner for us.

These mojo kits can help draw the perfect person for you to you, rather than trying to draw a specific person.

Each kit includes:
🌿 Hand-sewn Felt Bag
🌿 2 Lodestones
🌿 Love Herbal Blend
🌿 Tonka Bean
🌿 Petition Paper
🌿 Anointing Oil
🌿 Guide to Use

These cute kits are great for yourself or as a gift for someone who needs a little love in their lives. You can be a beginner, or an adept practitioner and still use these kits, as everything is inside the kit and inside you.For entertainment purposes only.
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