Road Opener Mojo Bag Kit

Road Opener Mojo Bag Kit

Sometimes, no matter how hard we try, we can't progress with something in our lives, whether that be with work, love, home or something else. 

Sometimes there seems to be something blocking you from moving forward. Road opener is designed to assist, to remove any blockages stopping you from reaching your goal and to improve the success of you moving forwards.

These road opener mojo kits are for those who are struggling to move past blockages in their lives and need something to clear the road for an easy way through.

Each kit includes:
🌿 Hand-sewn Felt Bag
🌿 Black Tourmaline
🌿 Road Opener Herbal Blend
🌿 Key
🌿 Petition Paper
🌿 Anointing Oil
🌿 Guide to Use

These cute kits are great for yourself or as a gift for someone who needs a little assistance to clear away blockages and bring about positive change and improvement in their lives.

Note - Felt bag may vary in colour depending on stock.
For entertainment purposes only.
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