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This beautiful cast iron pentacle cauldron is a beautiful addition to an altar.We have just one available, it has three cast iron feet, a pentacle design on both sides, a cast iron lid and a handle for moving from place to place.

This particular cauldron is: 12cmx11.30x 7cmCauldrons are wonderful tools to have, they represent female energy, fertility and the womb, making them wonderful representation of a goddess. They are also great for using during practical workings, for making potions, burning incense or burning items in ritual fires.If using them for burning, please be aware that cast iron gets exceptionally hot and takes a very long time to cool down. Be sure nothing is near the cauldron when hot and do not move it till it is completely cooled down.

Cast iron can rust very easily, it is important that after washing you dry it completely to stop rusting. If rusting develops it can be brushed away with an iron brush.Cauldrons are very heavy items and can easily push a parcel over the size limit, so we have added on a few extra pounds, that allows us to package it well and pack it in a suitable box size.

Pentacle ⭐️ Medium Cauldron

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