Frankincense, Rosemary + Sage Cleansing Spray - 50ml

Listing is for one spray. 

Our cleansing spray is back after a long break, first brought out back in July 2016 we sold out so fast but have finally made an updated better smelling, more useful cleansing spray for the summer.

Made in small batches, each will smell slightly different but all will have the same herbal scent, cleansing properties and each bottle contains a clear quartz to boost its magickal properties.

Perfect for use in cleansing a large space, an altar, sacred space or crystals it is a versatile cleansing solution for those sensitive to smoke cleansings.

To use:

🌿 On crystals = Shake well before use and spritz gently over the crystals allow to dry down before wiping clean, removing excess residue and negative energies.

🌿 In Spaces = Shake well before use and spritz around a room starting from the innermost area, working outwards. Allow the air to settle before re-entering the room, you may want to vacumn afterwards to remove the negative energies along with any residue, or allow it to work over time by not vacuming.

Avoid spraying closely onto paper (cards) or fabrics, instead mist the air and pass them through the mist to avoid staining and bleeding of inks.

Not for use around pets and children, do not use directly on fabric, spray 10-15cm away from an item, keep out of direct sunlight, best used within 6-12months
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