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I have been undertaking divination in one form or another for 12 years. Unlike many readers I am not a psychic medium, work with passed over spirits and I do not undertake intuitive readings. Instead I am an animist reader using the spirit of the tool I am working with to ask questions and receive answers from the universe. I am very intune with my tools and work closely with them, all of my readings are done with tools I feel comfortable with to offer you the best accurate readings I can.

How do Readings Work

When a reading is purchased and payment has been received please contact me at or via  the contact form on this website regarding the question or topic you would like information about, along with an up to date photograph of yourself or the person the reading is for and your full birth name, this will help me to connect the reading to you.


More information about individual reading types is found below:

Tarot = A life reading can be done, topic readings or specific question readings. The type of reading does not effect the price and the spread used is unknown till i undertake the reading. Each payment is for one topic or question.

Runes = Topic or single question readings can be done. The spread depends on the question or topic, price does not change, price is for one topic or question.

Pendulum = Pendulum readings are single yes/no questions, price is per question but multiple questions done at once is discounted.

Once payment has been received and your question asked I will undertake your reading when I can, there amy be other readings to be done before yours and I may require a certain day/time/phase of the moon in order to give you the best reading I can. Because of this readings can take 2 weeks to be done, but generally I will always try to undertake readings as soon as I can.

Are Readings Always Accurate?

Not all readings are accurate, this is due to a reading being based on the current path. Everyone has a path in life, but when we make big changes in our life, or even little important ones, we change the course of our path. Although a reading can identify a change in your path it cannot look past this change. I can read up to a change in your path, but if you change something in your life your path may change.

This is both positive and negative, it means that if something negative may show in your future, you can change it by adjusting things in your life, but it can mean other things in your future will change as well, even positive ones.

What Questions can I Ask?

I am happy to answer almost all questions, I have found that the most common questions or topics regard: money or relationships, but other questions are welcome. I also offer life readings (life readings are only accurate up to a change in your path, please rememeber this before the reading is done). Pendulum readings should always be yes/no questions or questions that can be resolved with yes/no questions, such as which person is better suited for me, Anne or Betty, I would ask Is better a suitable partner, Yes/No? and is Anne a suitable partner, Yes/No?


In would like to note that there are some questions that I will not answer, these involve: legal matters, death and baby gender. This is due to these questions or the answers to these questions being eery sensitive and prine to change. In most cases baby gender is not reveiled in pendulum workings and so it is unlikely that I will receive an answer anyway. If you ask a question under these topics I will send over a refund.


If you are interested but have more questions please feel free to contact me at: for more information




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