White Sage + Juniper 10cm


White sage is a very powerful cleansing tool, wonderful for cleansing out intense unwanted energies and spirits. It can be used to cleanse your home, rooms, altars, items, crystals or yourself. Juniper is a wonderful herb for banishing, purification, protection and healing; making this bundle wonderful for banishing energies, spirits and offering a stronger cleanse.


How to Use

To use, light the end of the stick with a match, lighter or candle, allow to burn for around 20 seconds and then blow out, wafting the smoke around items, the home or a person.

Be sure to use an ash collector or bowl beneath the bundle to protect flammable items and fabrics from any burning ash.

Please use general sage safety advice, don’t leave burning herb bundles unattended, use in a well ventilated space away from pets, children and those with breathing problems.

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