White Beeswax Skull Candle - Large

White Beeswax Skull Candle - Large


Listing is for one candle. Please give 1 week from ordering as I make all candles to request.

These beautiful skull candles are each 11cm tall and handmade by me out of 100% beeswax and natural cotton wicks.

Because they are beeswax they can be burned outside and any remains can be buried without damaging the environment.

Skulls are very useful tools, they are closely associated with the mind and opinions. They can be associated with your own mind, or the mind of someone else. They can be loaded with herbs and anointed or you can talk with them for a period of time as though they were a person to imbue them with intent.

White skull candles are able to be used with all intentions, but are very good for purification, cleansing and blessing works. Or you could save them and have them as ornaments, it's up to you.Each candle is created as a custom order, each made to match the order, please give 1-2 weeks till dispatch.


Scent: Unscented

Wax: 100% Beeswax

Wick: Cotton, lead free

Made in the UK

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