The Fey Tarot


The Fey Tarot is a beautiful deck, 78 illustrated cards with a booklet for easy reading created by Riccardo Minetti and Mara Aghem.

The cards themselves are 12x7cm, making them easy to shuffle for most people. 


"In this deck the traditional archetypes of the Tarot blend together with the Fey world: whether one believes in their existence or denies it as though dreaming it, the Fey Creatures speak through the symbols of the imagination (especially in this deck), the infinite potential of the cosmos, as well as our world. A human world which is characterized by the constant struggle 'to have' vs 'to be'. This struggle does not belong to Fey creatures, which are concentrated on being. They seem what they are, they are what they seem. Joy, sadness, pain, wisdom, happiness... are reflected in their bodies, clothing, and even their posture. Each of them acts as the mirror of a mood, a point of view, a way of being; going beyond the image that comes from what surrounds it. This is the interpretive key: by observing each Fey, we look at ourselves 'beyond the Mirror' of appearance. 

The ability to enter another world is important when approaching the cards. To dream means to abandon die body and view oneself in another light, less 'literally', less 'rationally' but sincerely, directly accessing the unconscious. This apparent detachment from reality is the first requisite in order to move the gaze beyond. A good Cartomant lets his or her thoughts run freely and guides the Querient's spirit through this timeless dimension free of daily worries.

The Fey Tarot is not a deck, which shuns the obscure aspects of existence. It knows pain, suffering, guilt, solitude, anger, and shame like every human being. By consulting the cards, even difficult and negative situations will be faced, thus confronting suffering. Nevertheless, if the Fey Creatures do not shun negative aspects, they are not overwhelmed or defeated. The joy must shine through the cards, thoughts, and actions. It can take on the form of hope, trust, and pleasantness... When reading the cards, the spirit must be concentrated but light hearted; unyielding and yet good-natured and kind. One must know how to reawaken the joy in each of us using these cards. 

The Feys are magical. The definition of magic depends on how much each of us feels and believes in it. In this case, I want to imagine magic as the possibility of doing things that do not seem possible. Magic is the ability to break away from traditional values, to change things, to reverse situations... to 'fly'. In the Fey world, wanting is being. To be is to do."

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