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Our “Spell Breaker” Loaded 7-Day Glass Ritual Candle is pre-Loaded and spelled with herbs, roots and oils to break all spells places upon you.

If you feel you are being influenced in any way from external forces our “spell-breaker” candle can help break all workings against you so you can live your life without influence of other practitioners.

Each candle has been charged, spelled and loaded by myself as a practicing witch so you don’t have to do anything more than light a candle.

When you light the candle in your mind imagine any spells being broken and speak any words you feel are necessary. You can also add a tag lock such as an image of yourself under the candle so it knows who to break the spells connected to.

These candles will burn for 7 continuous days but please use candle safety and snuff out (never blow out) the candle before you leave the home, leave the room for extended periods or go to bed.

Each candle is very heavy, they will be sealed with a plastic film too to stop oil from spilling out, this can be removed upon arrival.

Please ensure that herbs are away from the wick before burning and keep an eye on it as Loaded candles can catch the herbs alight. If this happens snuff out the candle and relight just the wickneith the same intention.

“Spell Breaker” Loaded Glass 7-Day Ritual Candle

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