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Our “Shut Up” spelled ritual candles are pre worked with spellwork and dressed with oils and herbs associated with the desired intention.

These candles are designed to be used alongside your own spellwork and rituals, to assist in stopping gossip, whispering and the harmful words of others.


To tailor the working to your desired outcome, on a slip of paper write your intention, you can use the name and information of specific people or use general statements to achieve your intention. Place the paper under the candle to target your working or use without for a more general working.


As you light the candle focus on your desired outcome, you can speak words or use chants alongside if desired. You can also include these candles in much larger workings. I would recommend doing so to add your own energy and additional power.


These candles can burn for 120 hours depending on the ambient temperature and humidity.

Please use candle safety and snuff out the candle before you leave the home, leave the room for extended periods or go to bed.


Ensure the herbs are pushed away from the wick before burning.


All spellwork is dependant on many factors, we are not held responsable for a lack of results with spellwork.

“Shut Up" Spelled Ritual Candle

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