Selenite Crescent Moon

Selenite Crescent Moon


Listing is for one crystal.


Our selenite crescent moons are a beautiful addition to anyone's crystal collection. Each crescent moon is slightly different from the rest, but each is beautiful with a clear/white reflection. The moons themselves are around 8cm in length, the perfect size for the palm of your hand. Selenite is deeply connected to the moon and lunar energies, it is a charging stone, one that can charge other crystals with its energy. These properties make these crescent moons perfect for those who work with lunar energies as they allow you to charge your crystals with lunar energy without having to leave them in moonlight and can help bring lunar energy to your spells, ritual and magickal practice any time day or night.


Please note selenite is a very fragile crystal and breaks very easily, please take care. Avoid direct sunlight or heat as they will discolour during extended exposure.


We understand that not everyone can sage cleanse and not all crystals can be cleansed with water, so we make sure that each of our tumble stones are cleansed of energy before they are packed up and shipped to you, allowing you to work with them straight away, no need for cleansing before use (but you still can if you want to).