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These beautiful selenite wands are 14cm long and are wonderful wands for anyone wanting to work with one without breaking the bank. 

Selenite is a wonderful energy producer and director, making it an amazing stone to work with for a wand. They produce a natural energy that is uplifting and can make energy manipulation and energy work easier for those who struggle to raise a large amount of personal energy for spellwork and ritual.

These energy chargers are wonderful for charging other crystals and tools with, you can face the item or crystal you want to charge with the point of the wand and allow it to charge or you can add crystals onto the selenite to charge them this way, allowing you to energise your crystals easily.


What is a Wand
Wands are tools used for energy work, they assist in directing and focussing our personal energy and can be used in spellwork, ritual and ceremony, as well as circle casting and enchanting jewellery and items. Often used in religious ceremony, particularly those found within Wicca, they are also used by witches and other magickal workers to assist in directing energy into situations and items, making them good for those who struggle to focus their energy into a singular point.


Please note that selenite can go yellow if left in direct sunlight, or in very hot environments, please keep it out of windows and away from heaters or radiators. Very fragile, use with care.

Selenite Charging Wand

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