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These beautiful Athames are 20cm in length and each is made of carved selenite.


Athame are magickal tools used to assist in directing energy, much like a wand. In some traditions they are used to energetically cut, rather than physically cut; this is what these athames are used for. Some practitioners and witches will cast circles and close them again with an athame, cutting energy ties and cords or simply for representation on altars or in spellwork and ritual.


Selenite is a wonderful energy producer and director, making it an amazing stone to work with for a wand. They produce a natural energy that is uplifting and can make energy manipulation and energy work easier for those who struggle to raise a large amount of personal energy for spellwork and ritual.


Please note that selenite can go yellow if left in direct sunlight, or in very hot environments, please keep it out of windows and away from heaters or radiators. Very fragile, use with care.

Selenite Athame

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