Road Opener Spell Spray 50ml


Our spell sprays are a wonderful way to bring the energy of a working into your space and life. Each spray is handmade from traditional hoodoo recipes to help bring these powerful blends into your workings.


Spell Sprays can be used in many different ways, the best three (in my opinion) are to:

  • Spray yourself to bring the energy of the working into your life
  • Spray in a space to help your outcome manifest in the area
  • Spray around you and the associated working to increase the energy of the working being done


Each spray is made by hand and contains 50ml of spray with a pump spray.


Road Opener spray is designed to assist with new beginnings, opening doorways and future prospects. Can be used as a stand alone intention spray or included in futher spellwork to a space or business, or to a specific person.

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