Road Opener Loaded Candle Kit

Road Opener Loaded Candle Kit


Our loaded candle kits are wonderful for using singularly for a basic candle spell or for incorporating into a larger spell or ritual.

Each includes:
🌿A loaded beeswax candle
🌿 Herbal anointing oil.

This candle kit is for opening new pathways in your life, whether that be new love, a new job, new home or something else. They’re about clearing away the negativity and opening up new positive roads for you to travel down.

The candle is hand poured from 100% Beeswax, and is then hand rolled and rubbed with our custom road opener herbal blend which is made with all organic herbs, woods and powders.

There is a guide inside regarding how to anoint and best burn the candle.

Please use general candle safety during use. Please be aware that the herbs can catch alight during use, if this happens please snuff out the candle and relight just the wick.

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