Rhodonite Thumb Stone

Rhodonite Thumb Stone


Listing is for a single crystal.

Thumbstones are a wonderful tool both during spellwork, meditation and day to day life. They can be used as a meditative tool to focus the mind on a singular question or intention, or used in spellwork and day to day life to attract in an intention by the physical interaction with the stone. 


Rhodonite is a stone of quick thinking, the arts and eccentricity. It helps to dispel anxiety and remain centered in challenging situations and protects against arguments, envy and jealousy. Rhodonite helps to balance emotions and nurture feelings of love. Use Rhodonite to regain equilibrium, both emotionally and physically, after a period of grief or loss, major illness, financial disappointment, heartache or intense unhappiness.


We understand that not everyone can sage cleanse and not all crystals can be cleansed with water, so we make sure that each of our tumble stones are cleansed of energy before they are packed up and shipped to you, allowing you to work with them straight away, no need for cleansing before use (but you still can if you want to).

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