Red Beeswax Buddha Candle

Red Beeswax Buddha Candle


Please give 1 week from ordering, as we handmake all candles to order.

These beautiful Buddha candles are 9cm tall and handmade by me out of 100% beeswax and natural cotton wicks.

Because they are beeswax they can be burned outside and any remains can be buried without damaging the environment.

Buddhas are very happy characters, their energy is uplifting, cheerful and very positive. Said to be charms for good luck, happiness and prosperity they are wonderful for use in good luck rituals, money workings and happiness spells. They can be loaded with herbs, carved into and anointed to add your intention.

Red beeswax Buddha candles are used for bringing good luck, happiness, abundance and joy in romance, relationship and love. They can help improve the happiness of current relationships, but also bringing in new happy, joyous relationships in the future.

Or you could save them and have them as ornaments, it's up to you.

We will be adding photos of the red Laughing Buddha candles very soon, till then we have images of the red colour in another candle so you can see the shade, as well as a detailed image of the Buddha candles in natural.

Scent: Unscented
Wax: 100% Beeswax
Wick: Cotton, lead free
Made in the UK

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