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Our “Psychic” spelled 7-Day Glass Ritual Candle is pre-spelled and loaded with herbs, and oils to aid in amplifying psychic abilities and developing divination skills.

To Use:

Push herbs away from the wick

When you light the candle, in your mind imagine what you want to achieve, how do you want to feel about yourself. It may feel strange but try to focus on this as best as you can.

To focus your working on a specific goal, write it on a piece of paper and place under the candle.

When you need to put the candle out, snuff it and relight the same way.

These candles can burn for around (temperature and air flow will alter the burn time), but please use candle safety and snuff out the candle before you leave the home, leave the room for extended periods or go to bed.

Each candle is very heavy, they will be sealed with a plastic film too to stop oil from spilling out, this can be removed upon arrival.

Please ensure that herbs are away from the wick before burning and keep an eye on it as spelled candles can catch the herbs alight. If this happens snuff out the candle and re-light just the wick with the same intention.

Please note that each candle spelled may be different.All spellwork is dependant on many factors, we are not held responsable for a lack of results with spellwork.

Psychic - Spelled Candle

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