Protection Wash 250ml

Protection Wash 250ml


Our ritual Washes are a wonderful way to bring the energy of an intention into your space and life and can be used as both a floor and surface wash, or as a ritual bath.

Each Wash is handmade from traditional hoodoo recipes to help bring these powerful blends into your workings.


Washes can be used in many different ways, the best three (in my opinion) are to:

  • Dilute half the bottle into a bucket of warm water and wash floors from the front to back of your home to bring in the positive intention. 
  • Dilute down with water and wash surfaces such as doorframes, windowframes and ritual altars to attract the positive intention into your home.
  • Use as a ritual bath, adding around half a bottle into a warm bath to attract the positive intention directly to you.


Each bottle is made by hand and contains 250ml of wash with a screw cap.


Protection Wash is designed to assist with psychic, spiritual and energetic protection. Can be used as a stand alone wash or included in futher spellwork to a space or to a specific person.


Please note colour and shade of this item varies.

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