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Spell Bags or pouches are a popular technique for creating portable spellwork and items. Each of our spell bags is handmade to order.


Some spells are primarily energetic, but for some workings, you may want to continue the working long term, carry it with you or have it close by as the working manifests. Spell bags are an ideal technique for this kind of work. Commonly spellwork is done on the bag as items of significance are added into the bag. The bags are then carried around, kept in places of significance such as a workplace or under a pillow or they are stored on altars and in sacred spaces to manifest. 


For longer-term workings, the bag may need to be worked on repeatedly over time, with energy being added into the bag through different means depending on your practice. 


When the working is complete you can remove the items and dispose of them before handwashing the bag for re-use.


We offer a range of colours. Below is a general colour correspondence list that may help you decide what you need:

❤️Red: Power, Lust, Passion, Romance.

🧡Orange: Confidence, Creativity, Road Opening.

💛Natural: All-Purpose, Intelligence, Prosperity, Memory, Study.

💚Green: Luck, Fertility, Prosperity.

💙Blue: Wisdom, Communication, Knowledge, Health, Reconciliation.

💜Purple: Divination, Magick, Domination, Power.

💗Pink: Fertility, Platonic Love, Friendship.

🖤Black: Protection, Banishing, Binding, Cleansing.

White: All-purpose, Cleansing, Purification.

Please note each spell bag is unique and the thread colour may vary between bags.


Disclaimer: By law, we are required to mark these items as for entertainment purposes only. We cannot guarantee magickal results.
No item would be used to replace medical treatment or professional advice.

Pink Spell Bag - Handsewn

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