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This shiny, brass incense censer features a pentagram symbol, star cutouts on the lid and a convenient chain for hanging, each is 27cm tall including the chain.


Incense censers are commonly used in ceremonial style magickal workings, designed to work with loose incense or incense cones. A lit charcoal disk is placed inside and loose incense added on top, allowing it to smoke. For cone incense the cone itself simply needs to be placed inside and lit. The lid is then added and the burner can either be hung or actively moved around a space to assist in adding the fragrance and/or intention of the incense around the space.


Can be very useful when using cleansing incense, allowing the censer to assist in moving the smoke around a place. 


Please take care when touching the vessel when incense is lit and for several hours after, as it can be very hot.

Pentagram Incense Censer

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