Orange Beeswax Wolf Candle

Please give 1-2 weeks after ordering before dispatch as we hand make each candle to order. 

Wolf candles are fantastic for finding our inner strength, allowing us to be able to stand tall for ourselves. Confident and proud animals, these candles can help us to appreciate that within ourselves. They are also wonderful in workings to connect with others and work well as a pack as well as being able to survive on your own.

They can also be used to connect with deities, closely associated with the wolf such as Odin and work well as altar decorations to represent spirit animals.

Our candles are all handmade from beeswax, and natural cotton wick in the UK.

The use of natural materials allows candle remains to be disposed of by burying, following traditional Hoodoo practices.

All out candles come in a range of colours, all are available but “normal” wolf colours such as white, brown, grey and black are also available.
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