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"In Ancient Greece methods of foretelling the futrue were widespread whether they were official oracles of the gods of simple dice games to divine one's luck. One of the most popular and accessible ways of determining one's fate and fortune was through the ritual casting of animal bones, similar to the casting of coins or yarrow stalks with the Chinese I Ching.

Kostas Dervenis explains how to interpret the casting of the oracle bones - either traditional sheep ankle boes or coins - to answer your questions on love, health, wealth and the futrue. Using the original stanzas discoveed in ancient Greek temples in Greece and Turkey, the author reconstructs the complete matrix interpretation for each possible casting of the bones. He explores how this practice traces back to the Golden Age of the Neolithic period in Greece, Turkey and Bulgaria - oredating the I Ching and how it is practiced today as the poppulat folk gae of "knucklebones".

Providing the first complete guide to this ancient practice, Dervenis allows anyone to cast the bones for guidance, inspiration and insight into their fate. "

Oracle Bones Divination Kostas Dervenis

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