Obsidian Scrying Mirror

Obsidian Scrying Mirror


This beautiful obsidian mirror is wonderful for personal scrying and use within magickal practice. Each mirror is 9cm in diameter, making it easy to hold during use, or use with a stand. 

Obsidian in a wonderful stone, a form of volcanic glass, it is a naturally produced stone, created through volcanic activity. 


Scrying Mirrors are used within the practice of scrying a form of divination. There are many ways to scry, including water, fire and cloud scrying, but probably the most well known, is mirror scrying. Primarily done with obsidian or black mirrors, a practitioner will sit in a dimly lit room, often with a few candles; entering into a trance like state while staring into the mirror, images, sounds, colours and more may come through to you from your subconscious, helping you to understand your inner self, answer questions or receive guidence. 


When not in use, it is good to cover the mirror in a cloth to protect it from interfering energies and spirits. 


Please be cautious when scrying. 
Obsidian is a very fragile stone, handle with care.

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