Mystery Box - February 2018 - Crystal Magick

Mystery Box - February 2018 - Crystal Magick


Due to be shipped 15th February


Our monthly mystery boxes are a continuation of our Monthly Witchcraft Subscription Boxes. Each month we release a new theme.


This months is "Crystal Magick".

Till February 28th the box contents will remain a mystery and the price will be £15.00, on March 1st the new box will be released and the February box items will be unveiled, the price increasing to closer to regular retail value dependant of the items in each box.


The box contains 5-7 witchcraft items around a common theme, some handmade by us and are limited edition items, others are brought in from other makers and websites.


The box may contain:

- Spell Kits

- Ritual tools

- Altar pieces

- Crystal items

- Herbal items

and so much more.

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