Mercury Retrograde Set

Mercury Retrograde Set


A Mercury Retrograde is a period of time during which Mercury appears to be moving backwards in relation to Earth. Mercury is the planet of communication, during these times of retrograde we may feel the negative effects of it, such as an inability to communicate effectively, not being able to get our point across or not being able to speak our truths.

Because of this many people say you shouldn't undertake contracts during a mercury retrograde and must be very mindful of what we say, but with a little help, we can easily get through a Mercury Retrograde.


These Mercuty Retorgorade sets contain a number of items connected with the Planet as well as with Communication, combining them allows us to pay homage to Mercury and everything it does for us, both good and bad but also allows us to continue communicating effectively during this time.


Each kit contains:

- Yellow Rolled Beeswax Candle

- Mercury Retrograde Herbal Blend

- Wooden Mercury Charm

- Labradorite Tumble Stone

- Yellow Calcite Tumble Stone

- Fluorite Tumble Stone

- Mercury Anointing Oil

- Guide to Use


It is important to not see the Mercury Retrograde as a terrible time, but to accept it as a period where we can learn to think about what we say before we say it.

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