March Mystery Box - Crystal Magick

March Mystery Box - Crystal Magick


This is a pre-order, expected to be dispatched on March 15th. Each month we release a new theme. This month is "Crystal Magick". The box contains 4-6 witchcraft items around the theme, many are handmade by us and in some themed boxes there may be limited edition items, others are brought in from other makers and websites in the UK to support them too.

This box may contain a piece of jewellery which can be unisex.
The box may contain:
🌿Spell Kits
🌿Ritual tools
🌿Crystal items
🌿Herbal items
🌿and so much more...

But each box will contain a cleansed crystal for each month to help build your collection.These boxes are on a first come, first served basis, so act fast.


Thank you so much for everyone's continued support it means so much to us. 

We are aware that the price rise in the box may be disappointing for some of you, but unfortunately, expenses are rising and we need to match the price of the box accordingly, so I am very sorry about that. 

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