Laughing Buddha Spell Kit


This laughing Buddha spell kit is designed to bring happiness, joy and good fortune into your life through the Laughing Buddha figure candle.


Each spell kit includes:

- Beeswax Laughing Buddha Figure Candle

- Petition Paper

- Rose Petals

- Catnip

- Bay Leaf

- Citrine

- Rose Quartz

- Green Aventurine

- Guide to Use


The laughing Buddha is now a common symbol within Chinese and Asian mythology, believed to bring good luck, happiness and positivity, the laughing Buddha is a jovial, gentle being offering his happy and positive energy to those that desire it.

The laughing Buddha, also known as Hotei or Pu-Tai, is believed to be a representation of a Zen monk that lived over 1000 years ago. Believed to have been regarded as the future Buddha due to his kind and gentle nature, he would travel from town to town making everyone around him smile and laugh as he went, once he had brought cheer he would move on to the next town, sharing his joy and happiness with as many people as he could.

Now, known mainly as a jovial, large-bellied laughing buddha statue, it is believed by many that rubbing the belly of the laughing buddha can help bestow upon you to happiness and joy of Hotei.

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