Prosperity Sachet Powder

Prosperity Sachet Powder


Sachet powders are wonderful tools for magickal workings. They are so versatile to use and are great for beginner or advanced practitioners.

Each sachet powder is handmade in store, hand powdered with herbs, roots and powders associated with each intention

This is our “Prosperity” sachet powder, used to attract money into your life. There are many ways to use it, including:
🌿Sprinkling around their home
🌿Sprinkling where they will walk or cross
🌿Adding to their shoes
🌿Rubbing onto cards and letters
🌿Rubbing into anointed candles
🌿Adding into spell bags or spell bottles
🌿Using in spells and rituals

This recipe does contain sulfur, as many people are very irritated by it, there is another option without sulphur.