Green Beeswax Unicorn Candle

Green Beeswax Unicorn Candle

Please give 1-2 weeks per order for your candles to arrive as I make them custom for each order.

🦄Unicorn candles are ideal for granting wishes, they're magickal and mysterious creatures, said to only be seen by those pure of heart with the ability to grant you a wish🦄.

These candles are just the same, if your heart is pure and your wish is true, carve it into the side of the unicorn candle, you can anoint it with wishing or intention oil, add powders, herbs and roots, load it with herbs, surround it with crystals or use a petition paper underneath to add additional energy to your wish.

Once lit, the unicorn will take your wish and if it is true and pure, will grant it to you when the time is right.

Please use candle safety when burning, never leave unattended.
For entertainment purposes only.
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