God - Loose Incense

Our loose incense is handmade with herbs, flowers, roots and powders connected to the energy of the intention in each blend. This is our “God” blend, created to assist in connecting with and working alongside God energies. The herbs are blended with energy, each smelling herbal and unique. Each of our incenses are in white push top metal tins (the lids can stick and need to be twisted as they are pulled) and includes a small guide to use. Loose incense is not self igniting and requires an incense disk to light. They should be burned in a well ventilated space in a heat proof, fire proof container such as a cauldron. Light a charcoal disk, once sparking and crackling place in the fire proof container. After a few minutes add a small amount of the incense onto the disk and allow to smoke. A little goes a long way. Add as much incense as desired. Please leave the container to cool for at least two hours before touching and take care if you have breathing issues, pets or small children.
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