Dragons Blood Backflow Incense

Dragons Blood Backflow Incense


Our backflow incense is specifically designed for use in Backflow Incense Burners. Backflow incense is denser than standard cone incense, being dense, it flow like water rather than drifting away, pooling in a backflow incense burner. Backflow incense smoke lingers for longer, and due to it's density is good for outdoor rituals where you want the scent to linger for longer.


This incense is the "Dragons Blood" scent, offering both a beautiful scent but also the protective properties of Dragons Blood. Each tin contains 25 incense cones with a strong scent.


It's important to note that Backflow incense is oilier than normal incense and so after you have burned a cone you may find an oily residue inside the burner, this is normal and can be wiped out with tissue. Because of this it is recommended that you use the burner on a tray, place matt or surface that won't become damaged with the residue that may form.

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