Dragon Crystal Cavern Backflow Incense Burner

Dragon Crystal Cavern Backflow Incense Burner

These beautiful Backflow incense burners are statement pieces to a space or altar. 
Each is 18cm tall 13cm wide and 10cm deep. 

This particular incense burner displays a dragon guarding a crystal cave. The crystals inside are 2 AA battery operated and contain rainbow LED’s that change colour over time. Batteries aren’t needed however as the beautiful designs allows for an eye catching display with or without the crystals. 

Backflow incense burners are designed to take Backflow incense, a heavier, oilier incense that flows like water down an incense burner. Because of this they leave an oily residue on surfaces after burning so your incense burner may need to be wiped out and should be placed on a safe surface that can be wiped off easily to remove the residue. 

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