Dark Purple 100% Beeswax Goddess Candle - Small

Dark Purple 100% Beeswax Goddess Candle - Small


Please give 1-2 weeks before dispatch as we make all candles to order.


Our small goddess candles are lovely offering candles for deities, they can also work as devotion statues on altars or as representation as feminine energy on an altar or within spellwork and ritual. Each candle is small around 2 inches tall.


We offer a variety of different colours. You may want to choose a colour associated with the deity/s of your choice, or based on the colour associations listed below:

❤️Red: Power, Lust, Passion, Romance.

🧡Orange: Confidence, Creativity, Road Opening.

💛Natural: All-Purpose, Intelligence, Prosperity, Memory, Study.

💚Green: Luck, Fertility, Prosperity.

💙Blue: Wisdom, Communication, Knowledge, Health, Reconciliation.

💜Purple: Divination, Magick, Domination, Power.

💗Pink: Fertility, Platonic Love, Friendship.

🖤Black: Protection, Banishing, Binding, Cleansing.

White: All-purpose, Cleansing, Purification.


Beeswax is a wonderful wax to work with, currently, it is believed that beeswax is a healthier wax to burn and can be returned to the earth after use if desired.

Burn time varies greatly depending on ventilation within the space, ambient temperature and more.


Candle colour can vary batch to batch (see other candle listings for candle colour references).


Disclaimer: By law, we are required to mark these items as for entertainment purposes only. We cannot guarantee magickal results.No item would be used to replace medical treatment or professional advice.

Always use fire safety when burning candles, ensure they are secured to a flat surface away from flammable items. Never leave a burning candle unattended.


Scent: Unscented

Wax: 100% Beeswax

Wick: Cotton, lead-free


Made in the UK