Crystal Cage

Crystal Cage


Crystal not included.

Crystal cages can be very useful if you enjoy working with crystals. They allow crystals to be carried around in jewellery, on keychains and on other items. These cages can expand to enclose a large variety of crystal sizes, though generally they shouldn't contain too large a stone, or it will warp the cage. 

The crystals can be changed out as and when you need to shift your energy, making them very versatile for working crystal energy without buying a large collection of crystal jewellery, you can simply make your own.


How to Use

Gently pull open the two central pieces of wire down one side of the cage and slide in the crystal of your choice, you may need someone else to do this if the crystal is quite large. Push the wire back into place and shuffle the crystal till it is inside comfortably, add a jump ring to the top of the cage and wear it on jewellery or on keychains. 

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