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Listing is for a single piece of chunky Palo Santo, please note the size of each piece varies.


Palo santo is a wonderful cleansing herb, a sacred South American wood it has wonderful cleansing properties that can improve the energy of a space.

Unlike sage which cleanses all energy from a space, or item, which can leave the space or item feeling empty; Palo Santo only removes the negative energy from the space, leaving behind the positive, uplifting energies.


Alongside its amazing cleansing properties, Palo Santo also smells much sweeter and gentler than sage, anyone who has burned sage likely knows that it can be very acrid and unpleasant; Palo Santo is much more subtle and can work for those not liking the smell and properties of sage.


Palo Santo is a term used to describe 14 different trees, all of our Palo Santo is sustainably sourced from fallen wood or dead wood, none of our Palo Santo is collected from living trees. We always try to source our herbs from the most sustainable source we can, but this may lead to them being slightly more expensive with fewer available than elsewhere to ensure it's sustainability.


How to Use

To use, light the end of the stick with a match, lighter or candle, allow to burn for around 20 seconds and then blow out, wafting the smoke around items, the home or a person.

Be sure to use an ash collector or bowl beneath the stick to protect flammable items and fabrics from any burning ash.

Please use general sage safety advice, don’t leave burning herb bundles unattended, use in a well ventilated space away from pets, children and those with breathing problems.

Palo Santo Stick

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