Broomstick Crystal Ball Stand and Ball

Broomstick Crystal Ball Stand and Ball


UK shipping only, listing is for the stand and sphere.

Will be shipped in two parcels due to the weight.


This beautiful crystal ball holder is made from resin in the form of three broomsticks, propping up the crystal ball over a cauldron with a pentacle design in the sides. 

A heavy-duty crystal ball holder, at 17cm it can hold an 11cm crystal ball comfortably between the broom handles. A beautiful piece not only for scrying and divination but also as a focal point on an altar or within a witchy room. 


Glass scrying balls are a popular choice for those wanting to begin their scrying divination and developing their skills.

This ball is 11cm wide and very heavy, perfect for divination or as a focal point on an altar.


Do not leave glass balls uncovered in a bright room, they do amplify sunlight and can cause fires, please cover when not in use. Please note that both stand and sphere are delicate, handle with care.