Black 7-Day Ritual Candle

Black 7-Day Ritual Candle


Please give 1-2 weeks after purchase, each candle is custom made to order. Colour may vary per batch.

These beautiful 7-day candles are great for longer ritual workings.

Designed to allow for easy burning, each day burn down one nob, snuffing the candle out after, and relighting the next day.

In black, these seven day candles are wonderful for protection, binding, banishing, cleansing and shielding workings.

Due to them being beeswax, they can be burned outside or the remains buried to maintain Spell energy. They can also be loaded inside with herbs or easily carved with intention.

Burn time varies greatly depending on air pressure, room temperature and much more.

Pure Beeswax
100% Cotton Wick
Made in the UK

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