Beeswax Gargoyle Candle - Orange

Beeswax Gargoyle Candle - Orange


Please give 1-2 weeks per order for your candles to arrive as I make them custom for each order.


Traditionally symbols of protection, gargoyles watch over and protect, guarding from evil. These candles are perfect for protecting generally or for protecting certain aspects of your life.

These beautiful Gargoyle candles are hand-poured with 100% beeswax by me in small quantities. Each candle is 6 inches in height. Because they are beeswax they can be burned outside and any remains can be buried without damaging the environment. 


Orange Gargoyles are wonderful for protection of: creativity, confidence and new beginnings. 

Each candle is created as a custom order, each made to match the order, please give 1-2 weeks till dispatch.

Scent: Unscented
Wax: 100% Beeswax
Wick: Cotton, lead free
Made in the UK

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