Beeswax Couple Figure Candles - Custom

Beeswax Couple Figure Candles - Custom


Listing is for a pair of beeswax figure candles, you will receive a male and female, but I can do male and male, and female and female candles on request.


Please give 1-2 weeks till dispatch as they are handmade to order.


These candles are hand poured by myself from 100% beeswax, they have a pure cotton wick and are scent free.


Great for working with masculine and feminine energies they are wonderful representations for individuals or deities and are frequently used in love workings.


This custom listing is for whichever colour you would like, even if we have never made the colour before, there are lots available (please use the drop down):

- Red: Passion, lust, love, power

- Orange: Creativity and confidence

- Yellow: Intelligence, study, knowledge

- Green: Prosperity, wealth, good fortune

- Blue: Health, wisdom, health

- Purple: Magick and divination

- Pink: Friendship, fertility, platonic love

- Brown: Legal work

- Black: Cleansing, binding, banishing, divorce

- White: All-purpose, purification

- Natural: All purpose.

Each candle is created as a custom order, each made to match the order, please give 1-2 weeks till dispatch.

Scent: Unscented
Wax: 100% Beeswax
Wick: Cotton, lead free

Made in the UK