Agatised Coral Tumble Stone


Listing is for one crystal.

These beautiful agatized coral tumble stones have a beautiful beige to pink colouration and often "floral" looking patternation caused by the coral.  

Agatised coral is good for: Healing, peace, awareness, easing irritability and help to overcome obstacles, it can also be used to help connect with and protect ancestors and can help with past life memories.  

Please remember that every crystal will be different, some have obvious coral characteristics while others may not,  if you have a preference we will try our best to match it, but it will depend on the crystals we have at the time.

We understand that not everyone can sage cleanse and not all crystals can be cleansed with water, so we make sure that each of our tumble stones are cleansed of energy before they are packed up and shipped to you, allowing you to work with them straight away, no need for cleansing before use (but you still can if you want to).

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