10cm White Sage Bundle

10cm White Sage Bundle


White Sage is a wonderful herb to burn to bring a new start, fresh energy into a space.

They're a spiritual "re-set" to your space and items. Cleansing away all energy and leaving a clean slate. If you would like other forms of cleansing see our other cleansing items and bundles.


How to Burn

Keep a dish and a heat source (lighter, match or candle) nearby. 

Light the end of the sage stick, allow it to smolder for a moment before blowing out the flames. Keeping a dish below the bundle to catch ash, waft the smoke around the items you are cleansing, the person being cleansed or the space. 


If you are cleansing a full house, it is recommended to cleanse: "Top to Bottom, Back to Front, Out the Front Door" or from the furthest point in the house from the entrance, to the entrance. Ensure the smoke gets into all corners and once done, open all possible windows and doors to drag the smoke out, taking with it any energy it has attached to.


When you are done cleansing, you can snuff out the bundle on a dish or in sand to then re-use on your next cleanse.



Herb Bundles like White Sage will set off fire alarms if enough smoke is created, please take care.
Please use general fire safety advice, don’t leave burning sage unattended, use in a well-ventilated space away from pets, children and those with breathing problems.



The herbs for our bundles have been grown in the Netherlands for the purpose of spiritual cleansing. No herbs are taken from the wild or taken from sacred places for our bundles. We always want to ensure that Sacred sites and natural reserves are not depleted and so all herbs used are grown specifically for being used in such ways in controlled environments.

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