Pendulum Readings


I have three active pendulums currently available for readings, an amethyst, a clear quartz and a bronxe. Each pendulum has its own personality but each offers accurate pendulum readings.

It is best that you intuitively decide which set you would like to get a reading from. If you feel drawn to a partiuclar set, even if it is not the crystal you would necessarily choose aesthetically, then that is the set for your reading.

Each pendulum reading is done on a yes/no question basis, as a pendulum cannot give a complex reading like runes or tarot. Because of this all questions you would like to ask need to be able to have a yes/no response.

Once you have purchased a reading, please contact me with your full birth name, an up to date photograph and your question or topic for the reading (no information will be kept after the reading has been completed). Your reading will be undertaken within 2 weeks of receiving the details, and will be returned to you in a report via email.

Before cotinuing with a reading please ensure that you have read the terms and conditions and that you are aware that life/death readings, legal matters and baby gender is not available at this time.

For more information or to enquire about other readings, please contact me via email:

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